Is it possible I have an App Store addiction?

I recently accidentally broke my iPhone – it slipped from my hand and dropped to the floor in a shop, killing the screen – the only thing it wanted to do was go white! At first I thought “how has it loaded my Flashlight App by dropping it” but thankfully I had taken insurance so 14 days later I had a new one arrive. Had to restore all my data but for some reason it didn’t put any Apps back on. It was at this point I realised I have acquired 279 Apps since I got the phone in August 2008! Is that bad?

Tjis is taking up 6Gb of my hard drive space which is getting pretty limited now! New laptop required soon, or can you tell iTunes to look to a different folder for Apps, so that I can move them off the ‘C’ Drive?

A lot of these Apps were free of course, but I have paid for a fair old whack of them! Don’t even want to add it up ;p

I will be adding reviews of some of these to the blog in the near future, but one I think every iPhone (or Touch) user should have is Awesome Note. It really is as the name suggests 😀

How many Apps have you got and what ones do you use all the time?