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Apple iPad for gaming

I must admit I am seriously tempted to get myself one of these!

I think I have the will power to wait until maybe the 2nd generation of hardware, or at least until some bigger and better games are released as iPad versions before I take the plunge!! But at the same token I might just succumb to it’s charms and get one anyway 😉

The only games specifically for it at the time of writing this, that I would be interested in, are Flight Control HD and Real Racing HD (both by Firemint) but I don’t think it’s worth it for those!

If they made a Civilization Revolution to fit the native screen resolution and full 3D, I think that would just about swing the deal for me! … uh oh! Ummm… it is available already! 2D but, damn!!! 😀

So, how much are they again?!

The best £50 I ever spent: PlayTV

…well, £100 anyway.

£50 for PlayTV hardware.
£50 for 320Gb 2.5 inch hardrive upgrade.

Personal Video Recorder + Freeview receiver

An amazing bit of kit:

  • Really nice user interface and Electronic Programme Guide with search function.
  • Unlimited recording with no timeouts for when you have to view it by.
  • Pause rewind and fast-forward live TV.
  • Play games or watch DVD/Blue Rays whilst recording TV.

I also bought a Bluetooth remote control which makes it much nicer to use on a daily basis than a joypad.

Overall it’s the best value hardware I have ever bought apart from essentials like mice, keyboards etc.

Highly recommended!!!