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My Top 10 PS3 Games

This will be easier than the PC Top 10 purely because I have only bought a few PS3 games. My criteria for this list are longevity, fun, innovation or technical prowess.

  1. Little Big Planet: (Platformer by MediaMolecule – released 2008)
    I think there’s still a long way to go before the power of the PS3 is fully harnessed by developers, but LBP showed what really can be done. It’s a PS3 exclusive with a lot of input from Sony, so it uses the hardware to maximum effect (unlike most cross-platform ports) – and what an effect! The most interesting aspect to me are the level creator tools. It’s the ultimate platformer in my opinion with so much flexibility in the object oriented modular approach. You can almost do anything if you think about it in the right way just by combining switeches, pistons, motor joints and materials together. They real-time physics are unbelieveable (well, believable, actually) and things just feel “right” no matter what you do. It feels like your screen is just a window to a real experimental workspace, and you are jsut remotely inteacting with it with a joypad, rather than a computer game… quite an odd sensation at first. The textures are alive and the movement of different materials and objects just utterly convincing. It looks like a youngsters game, and I suppose it is, but the things you can make in the “creator” are so wide ranging that you can really make your own games, only limited by your imagination and the psuedo-3D world. Some users creations that are out there to download are absolutely stunning in the creativity and polish – even surprising the developers with their ingenuity of how THEIR tools were used!!
  2. Civilization Revolution: (Turn Based Strategy by Firaxis – released 2008)
    A nuetered cousing of the full PC game, but still great fun and a welcome “long session” game for the consoles. Having said that it plays at a much more frantic pace that the PC game, which tends to flow a lot better especially in late game. All the main decision making is intact though, and with weekly scenarios to compete on, random map generator, other scenarios, and downloadable content – there is enough meat here to keep you going and coming back for more. It’s kind of nice playing on the sofa too 😉
  3. DJ Hero: (Rhythm Game by FreeStyleGames – released 2009)
    A fascinating and addicitve game – admittedly you have to like this music style for it to appeal but I do! Although the rock based games of this nature are fun they don;t ring my bells like this hip-hop mash-up style. Some of the mixes are legendary and some of the harder levels in the game are insanely hard, even on medium setting let alone hard or expert 😮
    It helps being a DJ IRL too I tihink 😉
  4. Tom Clancy’s End War: (Real Time Strategy by Ubisoft – released 2008)
    This is in my list for having some amazing tech, not really being a great “game” but using the voice recognition control method transforms the experience in a jaw dropping way – showing what IS possible if only developers thought outside the box a bit more in general. It’s a fairly basic “scissors, paper, stone” RTS where you fight over control points of a map which benefit you through various upgrades you can apply to them, but you can control the entire game without actually using the joypad at all other than to “activate” the microphone. It feels so natural and intuitive once you learn the prompts and makes it feel like you really are a general in the filed of battle. You are not slowed down by the interface – you can pretty much play at the speed of thought, which feels great and should be done for all strategy games… I suppose the reason it’s not is that it may be an unfair advantage when played online against someone that isn’t using a mic., but we can’t let that minor point hold technology back!
  5. Ferrari Challenge, Trofeo Pirelli: (Racing by System 3 – released 2008)
    I’m probably biased but, being a fully fledged Ferrari Nut, I love this game. There’s about 40 different Ferrari’s in the game and they aim to release, as DLC, every Ferrari ever made!! The handling is a bit weird, although the cars do feel different to each other and there are some licensed tracks to race on both single player ‘seasons’ and online.
  6. WipEout HD: (Racing by Sony Liverpool – released 2008)
    A beautiful, classic, flowing, futuristic, low-grav racer that feels quite surreal to play once you get used to it. The frame rate is eye popping and the action intense. You need to be a Zen Master to be good at this, which I am not, but it’s still good for a blast and something you could get really satisfyingly good at given enough practice.
  7. Grand Theft Auto IV: (Third Person Action & Driving byRockstar – released 2008)
    Extremely polished in every way. A fun game that is worth coming back to in bite size chunks and progressing your character a bit more. Top quality audio, nice car handling, a good story, a vraiety of missions with great pace, lots of free roaming stuff to do between missions, or just go on a bender driving like a lunatic around a huge city map! All good fun!
  8. Assassins Creed II: (Third Person Action by Ubisoft Montreal – rleased 2009)
    Designed to work best on console, thisis the native home for this game! With a bit more variety than the first game in the series (which I thought was far too repetitive) this takes the action to Italy (my favourite country!) and continues the theme of accessing the memories of the lead characters ancestors. The movement of Altair, the character you control in the game, is sublime and the atmosphere of the game sophisticated. Not sure I would come back ater completing it, but as I am still playing it now, it goes on the list!
  9. Lego Star Wars, The Complete Saga: (Platformer by Traveller’s Tales – released 2007)
    Perfect game for a quick co-op play session with friends on the console. Always fun, great subject matter and one of the only Star Wars games that doesn’t feel like a cheapening of  the brand (Star Wars or Lego!).
  10. Heavy Rain: (Interactive Movie by Quantic Dream – released 2010)
    Another PS3 exclusive, I think it’s a great game but doens’t quite fit my criteria of lasting appeal due to the heavily scripted nature of the story-driven game. However it slots into last place just due to the originality and intrigue of playing again to see what other endings are like. It’s more fun (or… interactive) than simply watching a movie IMO! More like this please!
    » Read my 1st impressions of Heavy Rain.

I would like to give a special mention to Gran Turismo 5, but seeing as Polyphony Digital are taking an age to get around to releasing it (already about 6 confirmed release dates and delays!!) it’s hard to include in the list based upon the Prologue “paid for demo”… so we just have to wait. However, with the direct input from Sony developers, this is another title that will fully utilise the graphical power of the PS3 and it does look amazing… almost photo-real. The handling is still a bit ‘digital’ for my liking but the shear amount of content makes for a seriously long lasting game. Stated release date is now 24th September 2010 but I’m not holding my breath as I have heard it all before!

Wow that got hard towards the end!! Shows where gaming really lives IMO! PC all the way… where’s the depth gone? I know it’s a different audience but surely there’s room for more depth in console based games!?

On the other hand, for me, it’s worth owning a PS3 just for Little Big Planet, DJ Hero and other PS3 exclusives like Heavy Rain and Grand Turismo (when it finally arrives!).

What would be your top games that you couldn’t live without??

The best £50 I ever spent: PlayTV

…well, £100 anyway.

£50 for PlayTV hardware.
£50 for 320Gb 2.5 inch hardrive upgrade.

Personal Video Recorder + Freeview receiver

An amazing bit of kit:

  • Really nice user interface and Electronic Programme Guide with search function.
  • Unlimited recording with no timeouts for when you have to view it by.
  • Pause rewind and fast-forward live TV.
  • Play games or watch DVD/Blue Rays whilst recording TV.

I also bought a Bluetooth remote control which makes it much nicer to use on a daily basis than a joypad.

Overall it’s the best value hardware I have ever bought apart from essentials like mice, keyboards etc.

Highly recommended!!!

Heavy Rain: 1st impressions

Never played a game quite like this before. I don’t think I am that far into it yet – only playing in small doses (to make my £40 last!!) but it is definatley a unique experience as the hype would have you  believe ;p

It has been quite a slow story so far but good fun all the way. Will be interesting to play through again and see how different the story goes. I’m not convinced it will stray that much from the core sotryline but I may be proved wrong. I’ve not been reading too much on other forums so that I don’t bump into any spoilers…