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GamePlan: Strategy planning App for FPS, RTS and MMO multiplayer gamers

I just launched my new app, GamePlan, to the Apple App Store and Android Market!

It’s designed for gamers to collaboratively discuss strategy and tactics with their team in real-time whilst playing their favourite FPS, RTS and MMO games (PC and Console, but users can add their own maps so it’s suitable for any multiplayer game).

GamePlan for iOS and Android

See more info on my website: 

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Apple iPad for gaming

I must admit I am seriously tempted to get myself one of these!

I think I have the will power to wait until maybe the 2nd generation of hardware, or at least until some bigger and better games are released as iPad versions before I take the plunge!! But at the same token I might just succumb to it’s charms and get one anyway 😉

The only games specifically for it at the time of writing this, that I would be interested in, are Flight Control HD and Real Racing HD (both by Firemint) but I don’t think it’s worth it for those!

If they made a Civilization Revolution to fit the native screen resolution and full 3D, I think that would just about swing the deal for me! … uh oh! Ummm… it is available already! 2D but, damn!!! 😀

So, how much are they again?!

The best £50 I ever spent: PlayTV

…well, £100 anyway.

£50 for PlayTV hardware.
£50 for 320Gb 2.5 inch hardrive upgrade.

Personal Video Recorder + Freeview receiver

An amazing bit of kit:

  • Really nice user interface and Electronic Programme Guide with search function.
  • Unlimited recording with no timeouts for when you have to view it by.
  • Pause rewind and fast-forward live TV.
  • Play games or watch DVD/Blue Rays whilst recording TV.

I also bought a Bluetooth remote control which makes it much nicer to use on a daily basis than a joypad.

Overall it’s the best value hardware I have ever bought apart from essentials like mice, keyboards etc.

Highly recommended!!!