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The biggest let down in PC gaming history!

Well, what can I say! Operation Flashpoint 2… Codemasters. I was following the development of this game for something like 4 years and rushed out to buy it on day 1 as I guess many millions of poeple around the world did. What a massive waste of time, for us, for the developers and for all the time I spent salivating over the prospect of the massive open battlefiled tactics!

I really cannot believe the way it turned out. It still has such huge potential to be amazing but Codemasters (from now on known as Conmasters) are just not  interested. They fell at the last hurdle in 2 major ways… 1) Rushing the game out for Christmas… and 2) developing jointly and mainly for consoles 😦

It’s still a good game at heart – but only 11 single player campaign missions over in a few hours and a completely unplayable multiplayer game (which I suspect 95% of gamers bought the game for) due to a really shoddy Peer-to-peer system. I think I only managed to get in to 3 or 4 games in the 3 months that I was trying (trying every day I might add) but it got to a frustration level where I just gave up entirely! That was money well spent – thanks Conmasters. I know this sounds like a 12 year old’s rant, but… “I’m not buying another CM game ever again and I mean it!”… disgraceful after sales customer services with absolutely no acknowledgement of the problems or any contact back on their forums after the game launched, when they were on there touting it weekly before release!!

Don’t believe their ‘hype-machine’ for any future games – it’s all hogwash, I tell you!!

Mission #1

Trying to make my first Single Player mission for Flashpoint 2… and to be quite frank it’s doing my head in!

Learning LUA scripting by reading through other examples kinda makes sense but when it comes to implementing it in my own mission it just plain doesn’t work!

I may get back to it when I feel I can take the pain again…