I’ve been playing this fun little ‘universal’ iPhone and ipad game by Fu Design for a few days now and have to say it’s one of the most attractive looking game graphics I have seen for a long time! Hand-drawn art is a sorely missed thing in this 3D age, and this has a charm all of it’s own… beautiful!

Just check it out… and try not to fall in love!!!


More ROBOTS 99

The game itself is a pretty bizzare and fast paced effort to rescue the falling robots by tapping them to open their parachutes before they hit bottom. If you hit them in the top strip you get a speed bonus clearing the path for more falling metal souls. If they colide they have to be tapped again to keep them safe. You can also slide them left and right on their journy, but it’s hard to tell where the next are going to fall from, so I haven’t really find a good tactic for that yet!

There’s also various powerups (healthpacks and such) that fall from time to time to help you out.

All in all it’s a blast for a quick pick up and play.

It’s such a strong visual that I can see (and REALLY hope to see) other games being branched from these robot characters. It really is a nice style and I would love to see them in other adventures!

ROBOT 99 available now – give it a try!