It must be a sign of a cracking game when one that you didn’t expect to get absorbed in becomes the main game you end up playing, especially on a brand-new gadget!

In my previous post about games I was going to “probably” buy when my iPad arrived, Flight Control HD was one I thought I’d have seen it all before having played quite a bit in the past on the iPhone… but boy was I wrong! It’s a genuinely addictive SOB of a game is this! Firemint have pulled off a modern classic here I have no doubt. The extra screen space makes a massive difference to gameplay. More room to breathe, to assess the situation and a bit more time to keep on top of things. The difficulty pacing is spot on, urging you to come back and beat your score as soon as you’ve crashed (again). The clone games that have cropped up just don’t have the same feel to this. The original is truly head and shoulders above the pretenders. Slick graphics, animation, sound and the overall atmosphere are nigh-on perfect. There’s just something about the simplicity and satisfying sound effects that make Flight Control really addictive.

There are 3 iPad specific HD maps (and all the original are in too but not worth playing as they are just x2 zoomed) with one of them also in 3D. Tried 3D once with some glasses I had from a Shrek 3D DVD, and it certainly has depth with the planes really floating above the background, but because of the red/blue filters it’s hard to see the colours of the aircraft which makes it a notch too stressful to play properly. You have to recognise the shapes of the various planes and spot the slight brightening of the relevant runway… not easy when it gets busy!

I am really surprised that it feels THIS much nicer to play on the big screen… it bodes well for future iPad games IMO.

I wonder how long it’s going to be until we see the ridiculous world record scores appearing all over again for iPad players!

What’s your top score?