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Heavy Rain: 1st impressions

Never played a game quite like this before. I don’t think I am that far into it yet – only playing in small doses (to make my £40 last!!) but it is definatley a unique experience as the hype would have you  believe ;p

It has been quite a slow story so far but good fun all the way. Will be interesting to play through again and see how different the story goes. I’m not convinced it will stray that much from the core sotryline but I may be proved wrong. I’ve not been reading too much on other forums so that I don’t bump into any spoilers…


R.U.S.E. , by Eugen (published by Ubisoft), is shaping up to be one of the best RTS games I have ever played. I have been trying out the BETA (recently on Steam but over now) and had great fun with it. It’s a very different take on the rather formulaic genre in that the emphasis is very much on the overall strategy, not just about managing your units the most efficiently and steamrollering the enemies. It’s got a great pace and really nice feel to the interface.

Can’t wait for the release of this game now… I can see this being a big hit for many years.

Take a look at some screenshots and media here: